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Last Updated: May 2015

This Cookie Policy applies to any websites, branded pages on third party platforms (such as Facebook or YouTube), and applications accessed or used through such websites or third party platforms (“Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com”) which are operated by or on behalf of the Domino S.r.l.  – Via Vittorio Veneto, 52 – 31013 Codognè (Tv) Italy – Phone (+39 0438.7933).

By using the Domino S.r.l. sites (www.kineosystem.com), you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to our use of cookies in this way, you should set your browser settings accordingly or not use the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com. If you disable the cookies that we use, this may impact your user experience while on the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com.

The table below summarises the different types of cookie we use on Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com, together with their respective purpose and duration (i.e. how long each cookie will remain on your device).

What are cookies?

What are cookies?

Cookies are files or pieces of information that may be stored on your computer (or other internet enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet) when you visit a Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com. A cookie will usually contain the name of the website from which the cookie has come from, the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e. how long it will remain on your device), and a value, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to make the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com easier to use and to better tailor the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com and our products to your interests and needs. Cookies may also be used to help speed up your future activities and experience on our Sites. We also use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use our Sites and to help us improve their structure and content. We cannot identify you personally from this information.

What types of cookies do we use?

Two types of cookies may be used on the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com – “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you leave the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com. A persistent cookie remains on your device for much longer or until you manually delete it (how long the cookie remains on your device will depend on the duration or “lifetime” of the specific cookie and your browser settings).

Some of the pages you visit may also collect information using pixel tags (also called clear gifs) that may be shared with third parties which directly support our promotional activities and website development. For example, website usage information about visitors to Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com may be shared with our third party advertising agency to better target Internet banner advertisements on our websites. The information is not, however, personally identifiable, although it could be linked to your personal information.

Do we use third party cookies?

We use a number of suppliers that may also set cookies on your device on our behalf when you visit the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com to allow them to deliver the services they are providing. To get more information about these cookies, as well as information about how to opt-out of receiving such cookies, click here.

When you visit the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com you may receive cookies from third party websites or domains. We endeavour to identify these cookies before they are used so that you can decide whether or not you wish to accept them. More information about these cookies may be available on the relevant third party’s website.

How can I control and delete cookies?

Most internet browsers are initially set up to automatically accept cookies. You can change the settings to block cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent to your device. There are a number of ways to manage cookies. Please refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about how to adjust or modify your browser settings.

If you disable the cookies that we use, this may impact your experience while on the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com, for example you may not be able to visit certain areas of a Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com or you may not receive personalised information when you visit a Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com.

If you use different devices to view and access the Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com (e.g. your computer, smartphone, tablet etc) you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your cookie preferences.

Type of Cookie

What do they do?

Do these cookies collect my personal data / identify me?

Links to more information:


These cookies are essential to make “Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com work correctly, they enable you to move around our websites and use our features. Examples include remembering previous actions (e.g. entered text) when
navigating back to a page in the same session.

These cookies don’t identify you as an individual.

If you do not accept these cookies, it may affect the performance of the website, or parts of it.


These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our websites by providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the website, and any issues encountered, such as error messages. This helps us improve the performance of our websites.

These cookies don’t identify you as an individual. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously.


These cookies allow our websites to remember the choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) to provide a more personalised online experience. They can also enable visitors to watch videos, play games and engage with social tools, such as blogs, chatrooms and forums.

The information these cookies collect may include personally identifiable information that you have disclosed, such as your username or profile picture. We shall always be transparent with you about what information we collect, what we do with it and with whom we share it.

If you do not accept these cookies, it may affect the performance and functionality of the website and may restrict access to content on the website.

Targeting / advertising

These cookies are used to deliver content that is more relevant to you and your interests. They may be used to deliver targeted advertising or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement. They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on “Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com.

We may use these cookies to remember websites you have visited and we may share this information with other parties, including advertisers and our agencies.

Most types of these cookies track consumers via their IP address so may collect some personal identifiable information. For more information about these cookies, including the information they collect and how this is used.


Cookie used:

What does it do?

How long does the cookie stay on your device?

Cookie Details

Analytics / Tracking

Provides anonymous / aggregated information about where you go and what you do on Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com.

Persistent, session and third party

Domino S.r.l. sites/www.kineosystem.com uses the following Analytics Cookies & Web Beacons

Google Analytics : https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage

WordPress Stats: http://automattic.com/privacy/

YouTube Tracking: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/


Social Media / sharing

Allows you to share comments / ratings/pages / bookmarks and helps to provide access to social networks and social online tools more easily.

Third Party

Facebook Connect and Facebook plugins: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/your-info-on-other

YouTube: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/





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